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  Standard Premium
Buttons Per Screen 45 Unlimited
Number of Screens 240 Unlimited
Jukebox Unlimited Unlimited
Built-in CD Ripper Yes Yes
DRM "Plays For Sure" Compatible Yes Yes
Keyboard Hot Keys Yes Unlimited
Quick Search (Music Library) Yes Yes
Looping with Advanced UnLoopTM Yes Yes
Screen Sort by Artist, Title, or Album Yes Yes
Sessions Unlimited Unlimited
Audio Visualization Yes Yes
Change Background Color Yes Yes
Countdown Indicator Yes Yes
Royalty/Statistical Tracking Yes Yes
Multi-Track Mode Yes (6 tracks) Yes (Unlimited)
Cross Fade Mode Yes Yes
Normalize Yes Yes
IntelliclipsTM Yes Yes
VU Meters Yes Yes
Built-in Advanced Audio Editor Yes Yes
Advanced Search Yes (With Cue) Yes 
(With Cue, Play & Locate)
Button Sizing Yes (3 Presets) Yes  
(10 Presets)
Modify Screen Button Font Yes Yes
Additional Sound Library (over 6,500 Selections) Yes Yes
Audition Mode No Yes  
(With breakout cable)
Quick TABS 
(Media Players, Screens, Screen Groups)
No Yes
Sequencer (Timeline staggering) No Yes
Audio Effects (Tempo, Pitch, Reverb, Level, 
Delay, Echo, Feedback, Wet Mix)
No Yes
Import Album Art No Yes


We also offer an Express edition that allows access to the most basic features of Sound Director. 

This version may be useful for some schools, non-profits, churches or youth leagues just beginning to enhance their event presentation.

Single Track Mode Yes
Buttons Per Screen 45
Number of Screens 12
Jukebox Yes (20 Tracks)
Built-in CD Ripper Yes
DRM "Plays For Sure" Compatible Yes
Keyboard Hot Keys Yes  
(1 Song per button)
Quick Search (Music Library) Yes
Looping with Advanced UnLoopTM Yes
Screen Sort by Artist, Title, or Album Yes
Sessions Yes (1x)
Audio Visualization< Yes
Change Background Color Yes
Countdown Indicator Yes
Royalty/Statistical Tracking Yes

All Versions: 

Support .mp3, .wav, .wma, .ogg file types 
Windows XP,Vista, 7, 8, & 10 Compatible 
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