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Seattle Seahawks
Client Name: Seattle Seahawks 
Client Since: 1995 
Client Info: WA, US 
Sport: NFL Football 
Notes: Our best crowd response songs are, "Welcome To The Jungle", "Welcome to Paradise" and "Rock & Roll Part II", but we when we score almost any song will get a positive reaction. *Note: The Seahawks are in a unique situation in that they are playing at Husky Stadium while a new facility is being built. As far as their music is concerned, the transition to a temporary stadium has been made much easier during game days with Commander since they are not having to carry over a lot of unnecessary audio equipment. 
Favorite Feature: We like being able to play multiple selections at the same time. Sound effects over music, etc. 
Best Used Feature: Commander is the only way to satisfy the high music demands of an NFL Game Day Show. The ability to move from piece to piece instantly is the essential criteria necessary. 
Features Used: Pregame Bumpers Time out fills Introductions Halftime entertainment Seagals dance team Big plays and scores Contests 
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