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Sacramento River Cats
Client Name: Sacramento River Cats 
Client Since: 2000 
Client Info: CA, US 
Sport: AAA Baseball (Oakland A's Affiliate) 
Notes: Best Crowd Response Songs: YMCA, Cotton Eye Joe, Roack & Roll Pt. 2. 
Favorite Feature: "I think the best feature is the MP3 capability. It has allowed me to practically quadruple the amount of music in the computer, providing a much greater variety for our fans". 
Best Used Feature: "We use GOC for about 90% of our daily in game audio entertainment. With many unknowns in baseball (home run, double play, etc.) it's a tremendous tool to have several audio cuts at our fingertips depending on what happens next". "GOC also works well with promotions and on field events. If we ever need to add a sound effect over music, the extra* playback channels allow us to do so. It adds a nice feature to our events". *editors note: Paul has our 3.0 Deluxe version which allows for multiple channel playback. 
Features Used: "Everything - From the time the gates open until all the fans have left!" 
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