Audio Collections

Sound Director also offers the best, in game music.

Each collection includes selections your fans want to hear. Each collection includes CD-quality crowd prompts, sound effects, and traditional organ music. Plus, the selections are arranged in logical categories — offense, defense, score, bad calls are just a few examples. These collections contain sounds guaranteed to enhance the fan experience. Buy two or more collections and save!

Audio Collection 1
Audio Collection 1 includes 145 tracks. This set has a good mix of crowd prompts, organ music, and enough sound effects to enhance any situation. We’ve included both the US National Anthem as well as the Canadian National Anthem – in every key! This is definitely the collection you’ll want to start your audio library.  Audio Collection 1 is included with all versions of Sound Director software”

Audio Collection 2
Audio Collection 2 is 89 tracks. It also has nearly an hour’s worth of selections.  The selections in Collection 2 tend to be longer and we didn’t include as many short sound effects as we did on Collection 1. We’ve incorporated more clap tracks and organ music to help keep your fans excited and into the game.

Audio Collection 3
100 Instrumental “beds” and loops to help keep your fans excited and into the game. These are “non-vocal” instrumental cool tracks that can be used underneath PA reads, under highlights, going into or coming out of live action (time-outs, stoppages,etc.). –NOTE – Many of the clips in AC3 are created to loop in Sound Director software exclusively

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