High Schools

High School

How many times have you wanted to play a particular song only to find out the wrong one was cued? It’s very embarrassing when the wrong selection blares over the PA system.

You see many high schools and non-profit groups are still using CD’s, Ipods, & or just holding the microphone up to a “boom box” to play their music selections. These consumer level technologies were not meant for the live spontaneous moments in sporting events. Many of you have found this out first hand!  However, many of you are finding out the value of Sound Director. There are hundreds of high schools and non-profit groups currently using Sound Director & Game Ops Commander for all their events. Sound Director is used for any sporting event where you want music, crowd prompts, & sound effects, and can easily be adapted and customized for other events such as dances, assemblies, & even drama presentations.

We even have three levels for you to choose from. For the cost conscious, choose our entry level Express version and immediately improve your game presentation. If you want some additional features like editing and an unlimited jukebox, choose our Standard version which has many of the features our customers want. Or, if you need a fully featured, professional audio system, choose our Premium version and use the same version that professional teams are using – all at a huge educational discount to you!