Sound Director software is designed to enhance the fan experience while eliminating the hassles traditionally associated with providing in-game entertainment using CDs, IPods, streaming music or any other clumsy style medium. Sound Director software provides instant access to your entire fan entertainment package, including CD-quality music and sound effects. All this from your own personal computer, all at an incredibly affordable price!

Take command of your game! Join the ranks of the over 2000 professional and academic sports teams that are currently using Sound Director.

Sound Director Highlights

More efficient, wide-screen interface

With higher resolution monitors becoming the norm – even in laptops, we’ve created Sound Director to support those higher resolutions. What it means is you can actually have many more buttons on each screen than ever before. On a widescreen laptop running 1920×1200 screen resolution, you could have almost 250 buttons on each screen!

Expandable Media Players with Effects & Visualization

We’ve taken our traditional media players and put them on steroids.  Now you have some serious audio effects available on the fly at your fingertips like Echo, Delay, Reverb, Feedback, Tempo, Pitch and more. Speed up or slow down the tempo of any song without changing the pitch. This opens up a whole new set of outrageous possibilities . . . Plus, not only have we added VU meters on each and every media player, but we’ve even added a visualization of the sound form with just a click of the mouse.

Tabs provide much more flexibility

Another groundbreaking addition to Sound Director is the the advent of Tabs. We’ve put them on 3 areas of Sound Director. First, we’ve added them to the media palette above each screen. This allows the user to have quick access to those screens that they want access to more often each game. Second, we’ve added them above the media players. You can now drag multiple selections to each tab and literally script out your entire game presentation! The third area we’ve added tabs is towards the bottom of the interface. Think of them as a whole new set of unlimited screens Each tab there can contain as many screens as you want.

Having multiple tabs provides more visibility and game day efficiency, allowing the user to quickly navigate as well as have many selections available for game situations.

Intelliclips get even better with a Sequencer

Sound Director keeps one of your favorite and most useful features in Intelliclips providing multiple selections on one button.  But again Sound Director makes it even better. We’ve incorporated a sequencer in the intelliclip which provides full range of flexibility as to when a selection starts or fades out. Plus, you can automatically select the amount of seconds you want each song to overlap and even fade out.

Normalize your Output

One of the most requested features you asked for was a way to have consistent volume levels going out to your PA, even with songs recorded at low levels. We’ve done it with one simple button. Just click on the Normalize button and instantly everything going out is the same volume.

Clip Editor with Audition Mode

One of the most useful features you’ll find in Sound Director is our clip editor. Set starting and ending points to a hundredth of a second for any song. Set points for looping cool mixes. But it gets even better. You can now be playing something live out through your PA system, while monitoring a completely different selection! Now you don’t have to guess whether you’re playing the full version of a song or the one you clip editing. This gives you so much flexibility while your event is going on.

Built-in CD Ripper & Editor

From start to finish, Sound Director is the only program you’ll need for your game presentation. We’ve included a built-in CD Ripper that includes CDDB database search and supports ID3 tagging.


We’ve also included the ability to add the album art right on a media button for quicker recall!

Audio Editor

Our built-in audio editor gives you a ton of flexibility including a full set of editing tools; Compressor, Expander Delay, Flang, Time/Pitch, Filters, Amplify, Fade in & out, etc.

Expanded Button Sort

Sound Director is now able to sort each screen’s media buttons not only by Title, but we’ve also added that same sorting ability to both Artist and Album categories. More adaptive, more flexible, and just plain more user-friendly.

All Versions:

Support .mp3, .wav, .wma, .ogg file types

Windows XP,Vista, 7, 8, & 10 Compatible

Free Technical Support



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“A really great software package; very easy to learn and use – everything is only a click away!”

Nathan Taylor

Athletic Dept. Virginia Military Institute